About My Firm

Plain Talk, Practical Advice.

After serving  as a Pennsylvania-licensed attorney for nearly forty years, I am currently in the process of winding  down my law practice, By the end of 2021, I will be retiring to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I continue to perform services in existing client matters in the firm, but will no longer be accepting new clients or work going forward. I am deeply grateful for the confidence shown in me over the years by my clients, and treasure the friendships and associations I have with them, as well as with colleagues and others in this field.


Plain Talk,
Practical Advice.

At the Law Offices of Mark P. Albright,  we offer commonsense solutions to issues facing individuals and familiesin the real world. We've been serving clients throughout Lehigh, Northampton and Bucks Counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania for nearly 40 years.

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​​It's not just an empty slogan, it's been my practice philosophy ever since I opened my solo practice. When you need help or counseling in the areas of estate planning , administration or other elder law matters,  my office will do its best to furnish referrals to colleagues eminently qualified to handle those matters. Though my own practice is drawing to a close, I consider it an ongoing responsibility to refer folks who turn to me for help to trusted colleagues whom I would consult myself if I needed a lawyer.

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